Vince Holton

Vince Holton’s main activity for some years has been as a writer and publisher of e-magazines and web TV channels at Click Information Terminology Ltd. Click’s first e-magazine product was Incisor, launched in 1998 as the ‘unofficial/official’ Bluetooth industry magazine (and a crucial part in the genesis of Bluetooth technology’ below), and which is now known globally and read by wireless and IoT industry observers. Incisor has been called ‘the longest continually published wireless magazine‘ and that could be true. Click’s latest publishing move expands into the automotive industry with Connected Car, an online, video-enabled magazine for the connected car sector. Recently Vince was invited by Jaguar Land Rover to be a judge at the 2016 Jaguar Land Rover Developer Challenge.

The web TV activity provides content for Incisor and Click’s web TV channels, everything from video shorts to longer (30 – 45 minute) detailed presentations. Click also works as a standalone video production company.

Vince Holton was a founding director of Weightless Marketing Ltd, a company formed to evangelise and build membership for the Weightless Special Interest Group, the industry organisation created to develop and manage the Weightless standard for M2M/the Internet of Things. He was also co-chair of the Weightless SIG marketing working group.

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